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Reviews for "ZIMMY Puppet pals"


yay it has gir, he makes everything better :^) and why was gaz there shes......weird. But anyway i liked it so thats all that matters.
i liked the pig eating pop corn :p

/-/ /\ \/ [] /<

IZSBHR responds:

That "pig" was minimoose.

Gaz is there because I made the original video to creep out a friend...

and he hates ZAGR, so I put that in an easter egg... overall, people loved the thing, so I had to keep her in it.


ok wtf? there was no point of it, there was nothing in it. All there was is a song, and crappy little colored polygon pictures floating.

IZSBHR responds:

Where was the review?

Song, yeah.

Crappy little colored polygons-

2.5-D colored polygons with full lighting effects beat eachother up the same way ZIM and Dib do in the show, GIR is the humor, Gaz is there because... I dunno.


I see you didn't really take to mind any of the advice that I gave you last time, except for maybe improved graphics. That was probably the only single difference I saw. Sure, you might've made some more but if it's not obvious to a viewer then it's as if you've done nothing. You need to make dramatic differences. Those make impacts and give you higher scores. With a little effort you can get there.

Please, please, pay attention here while I rant about music. Do you recall what I said about your choice of music last time? If the music doesn't match the style, then don't use it. Your music selection for this flash was poor. Defcon Zero is an awesome song, true, but don't waste it on this. It needs something else. And again, just like last time, you didn't loop the song properly. You just ran it until the song cuts off like usual. That sounds bad. You're supposed to loop. My point: Just because you like a song doesn't mean it belongs in a flash and here's why. Music will effect the viewers mood more than anything else in a flash. If your music is doing one thing, while our flash is doing another (as far as style and mood goes) then what you have on your hands is a conflict and the viewer doesn't get the same kind of impact. Defcon Zero is a song that slowly builds up to a climax. Did your flash do that? No. Defcon Zero is a song with a fast paced beat, one that gets a person pumped. Did your flash emphasize that? No. I could go on and on about it but I wont. Pleease either change your flash to match, or don't use it at all. And as far as Pirates goes...oh heck I guess that could stay, I dunno, but the least you could do is find a better quality version. I know you got it from some other guy and its his fault that its crappy, but its your fault that you put it in there.

The last set of suggestions I'm going to give is make the puppets...I dunno...entertaining? If you've gotta tell the viewers to watch the whole thing because you don't think it's that great to watch then something is wrong. Put some action in there man. How about voices? How about character? How about (this might sound crazy) story?

This flash has some potential, and I like where it's going. You've got a brilliant idea. Seriously, if you take into consideration everything I've suggested this will be great. Good luck.


IZSBHR responds:

OK, but people on DA loved the music. This has quite the fanbase elseware. But I'll take these into consideration, K? P.S. the sequel has voices.


Invader Zim is my favourite cartoon in the world but that just ruined it. i hope the sequel is much better

IZSBHR responds:

Sorry. Check out my other submissions. Hope you like those.

nothing happened in the puppet show.

i like puppet shows. but dude, nothing happens in your movie. the music was entertaining, and the backgrounds looked decent, but i dunno, maybe i was expecting to hear some halfway decent voices telling silly zim-related jokes or something.

keep trying tho.

IZSBHR responds:

The sequel will have those.