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Reviews for "ZIMMY Puppet pals"

you ripp off!!

first of all the title and idea of a pupet show is ripped off from potter puppet pals. which contains the caracters of harry potter movies/books and is very good, unlike this. i can not believe that someone would make shotty work like this and post it on here. not only did it no have words or a plot at all it ripped off a perfectly good show and also this is not even a show at all this is a music video. you cant just have paper thin caracters floating around with backgrounds and music with no plot or words!!!! i suggest if you are going to do another like this include some words maybe even just fighting between the caracters since you used the song form pirates of the carribean. which also i am dissapointed that you would scar that song with this thing you are caling a puppet show. thank you for reading if you read this far.


why are the puppets flat?No sound,no..sorry..just..no..make it better please,like no flat puppets,make them talk,or at least speech bubbles.You can dooo better!1!!I'll encourage you with this cake me and gir made!*Takes out cake that say w00t you rock!,in tiny letters it says thiscakeisjustforencouragement,anddoe snotreflectmytruefeelingsatall.*

Agreeing to disagree...

The last comment was right. The music was good, but the show kinda sucked. There was not even an attempt at dialogue. All the "puppets" did was float around... and they were flat. The potential was seriously there, but it needs work. I really love the fact that you attempted!


I love Invader Zim, but that was alittle wierd. I liked the music and the show, but try to do better next time.

not what i expectected!

i will give this a 3 because i was expecting a something , not just invader zim characters movin around!!! >:( try adding on to it!!!!!