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Reviews for "ZIMMY Puppet pals"

Try again

But you still have to love Super Moose.


Killing me with tiny little knives

Well, ALL the previous reviews were right. At least you aknowledge it's your worst ever, though this makes me want to avoid your other stuff. Improving on essentially non-animated pictures doesn't make it better, and, well, other than using the likeness of the characters, had absolutely NOTHING to do with Invader Zim. Maybe if you had attempted to tell a story, with Zim doing the voices, it coulda been good.... but really? WHY?!?! It feels like no effort was put into this. I'd say you should be banished to Foodcourtia, but wonder if you'd get it.........


You fudrucking pirate from the north pole!?!?!?!?!

Why did you waste my time life is not to be lived until infinity and you wasted my time put in more effort Zim is my altime favorite cartoon character but all you needed to make this is the Pirates of the carribean soundtrack google images and paint! I would bet my sqeedlyspooch that this is the worst thing on newgrounds about the all powerful ZIM!!!!!!!! DX

This stinks

I LOVE Invader Zim and this is truly a piece of crap.

Seriously, it's just horribly drawn "puppets" of the characters randomly moving on some music.

So yeah, it stinks.


not to be rude but...........what the hell was that?all music no voices and little 2-d dolls going crazily around?go get some better fucking material!
not to be rude or anything but it sucked.