Reviews for "Invader Zim: TMHSE"


dude that was awesome! you portray the original series very very well. Mind you the voices are off... thats it, thats the only thing. You guys rock my socks. I know I must be a nerd of somekind but I have every single invader zim series lol. I cant help but love Gir>

Take it easy!


You guys did a brilliant job in recreating the sadly-cancelled series! Invader Zim was one of my more favourite Nickelodeon series and had a very unique animation style, twisted humor and was always pushing the limits of how far a 'kids' cartoon could go.

Although cancelled I can still see my favourite IV episodes useing Internet TV sites like SaltWaterChimp. And due to this I've seen every episode available. At least as far as I am sure, including those two specials. AND the Pilot XD. Due to seeing these I can probably be considered as much of a critic as anyone could be.

Anyway! Character animations, shades, shadows, shine, pure feel and style behing the origional series has been copied to the exact points. And voice imitations were far more impressive than I had hoped.

Some mouth animations were still a little scratchy and the volume between each voice were a little off, (like Dib's voice, quite a bit louder, albeit VERY good) But aside from that. BRILLIANT. 10/10.

Fucking awesome.

I used to love this show. keep this shit up.

Loved it!

Great. Simply wonderful. The backgrounds and characters are amazing, and the voices, while not perfect, are as close as I can imagine anyone getting to the original cast.


Like the most of the other gut before me, i think your movie was impressive and funny ^^
Is there a bloody gir in that episode ? :D