Reviews for "Invader Zim: TMHSE"

Finally-- Someone who make a Zim short

Really funny.... hope you try more of these! Just, the voices were a little off... but what the heII, keep trying!!


I'm sure you've gotten this from other reviews, but the voices were a tad off. I'm glad you put in a moose, though.

But the graphics... pure EXCELLENCY. The orgasmic animation was smooth, authentic, and done professionally. Looked exactly like the show.

This is probably the best spoof of Zim anyone will see for a long time.

Gotta love Invader Zim!

Good job with the animations, the voices were a bit of a stretch, but hey, what can ya do.

cool movie.

yeah it is cool

Good 'Pilot'

I overall thought this was pretty good. The story seems not too far off from something that would've been on the show, and the drawings were spot on. The only thing is the voices. I understand what you're working with here, but the voices are too far off and are kinda distracting. Dib's voice was pretty spot on, the few lines he had, but Gir and Zim... yikes. Oh, and good job putting the moose in there, a great little treat for us nerds that know that a moose is in every episode.