Reviews for "Invader Zim: TMHSE"

OMG That was so epic! XD

I miss Invader Zim! TT~TT Honestly, the sound quality could've been better. Besides that, LOVE IT! ^o^


good try! MAKE MORE, and longer. my advice is to get a ton more animators so that a 24 minute episode would not be so impossible


-Good animation, looks a lot like the real thing
-Pretty spot on voices if you ask me, there's no way you could be exact but you really came close
-Humor stayed about the same

Really enjoyed it, a 10 for you good sir


The look is amazing really. Not like the real show but mainly because this is done in flash you can tell the difference. The look and feel for the characters are there but this short I did not find funny though. I really enjoyed seeing both GIR and Zim again moving about. The voice actors are good not quite the real thing but you'vce done an amazing job recreating the look and feel. You should be proud.

kinda okay

i love the show but i dont find this video so funny