Reviews for "Invader Zim: TMHSE"

Not bad.

Really feels like watching an actual episode. The voices are IMO real good, a bit interference to them which could've been cleaned up, and the levels are a bit off, but they sound fairly good nonetheless. Animations and graphics are very similar in style to the original series, which I find to a plus, I love Invader Zim.

And the story fits, too. One more thing I'd like is some more SFX, like when Gir sat on Zim and slapped him. Just looked a bit dumb without any SFX.

Needs improvement.

Terrible voice acting.

Amazing Short!

The animation is excellent, the voices were very close to the actual voices in the show, and the humor was much like that of the original show. Great job!

this show

i love this show

i wish invader zim stayed on tv like moofy did

Very good 10 stars:D