Reviews for "Invader Zim: TMHSE"

Awesome animatin but the voice actors arnt as good so i give 3.5 stars

love it but hey all irken fans go on facebook and like the page operation head pigeons 2.0 to help try to get zim back on tv and also send fan mail to nickelodeon this is not spam im serious we must get ZiM back on the earth worm tv and then we will enjoy some sweet waffles. oh if someone does write to nickelodeon please ask for them to create more invader zim merchandise like figures palisades made and also plushies and a clothing line.

Hilarious! This remind me of this show I wish you well in bringing this show back!


lol what was actually pretty good, the voice acting ws very similar to the real voice acting on the actual show, the animation was excellent, nearly exactly like the show, and it still has the same comedy like the show, good show sir :)