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Reviews for "Eddsworld: Morning"


Well this was notbad, had some nice humor and good little story, decent characters aswell, could use abit more detail here and there, but it was a decent animation.

some detail here and there, Lower the size, it was just way to big, especialy since i and many others have 56k, its a proven study that 50% of net users still use dial-up so just think about that when making a flash next time..

Big file but entertaining animation.



it would of been better if they where slapping each others hands like gurls(NO offense to female vewers!!!)

Needs Work

This video is of course a funny video, but definetley it needs work done. The graphics and sound needs improvements. but yet i do loves the EddsWorld vids, hilarious. :D


Edd, i cant stop watching your cartoons on Newgrounds and on YouTube, oh and i watch your cartoons since 2008.


actualy im not a very big fan of bacon, its ok, ill eat bacon, but its not my favorite thing to eat in the morning...