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Reviews for "Eddsworld: Morning"


That was sooooooo funny I gave it 10/10! I loved the Edd eating bacon bits when it showed his bi9g mouth!!!And once again,LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! !!:)

i love eddsworld

to be honest some of the stuff u create happens to me oh and to the dude bellow the dude underme NEVER I WILL EAT BACON ALL DAY A CHILL WITH EDD CUZ I KNOW HE LIKES BACON....BUT NONE FOR TORD

funny stuff

it is awsome good job great work as always

omfg awesome

i love bacon i love this animation and i would love you but that would make me gay and thats horrbile unatural, gays jewey and jews 4 some reason dont eat bacon which is just wrong


Well this was notbad, had some nice humor and good little story, decent characters aswell, could use abit more detail here and there, but it was a decent animation.

some detail here and there, Lower the size, it was just way to big, especialy since i and many others have 56k, its a proven study that 50% of net users still use dial-up so just think about that when making a flash next time..

Big file but entertaining animation.