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Reviews for "[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap"

its a fake dude.... but

still amusing heh

JonH2O responds:

Not fake!


ok...fast rap is about syllable play and count along with a beat. say it as fast as u want but without flow you are just reading fast or repeating a paragraph of poetry but not rap,

JonH2O responds:

JMac87 has me covered.

Convinced it is fake

I mean, obviously you made it, and yeah you said it... It really sounds like it's sped up though... Prove me wrong I guess, otherwise I won't believe it's real.

JonH2O responds:

I bet it's the parts where I'm like dieing to inhale and my throat cloats ups. Sounds weird, eh? I didn't speed it up at all!

And besides, that's a compliment to my lungs! I could barely hold enough breath to do it at this speed. Any slower and I'd have to take more breaths.