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Reviews for "[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap"


IM READY! *Snot roll*
lol wow if you listen to this high you can understand every single letter or every single word...Great work man you definitely have the fastest rap on NG..and one of the fastest I've heard in a long while....

Return the love and Check my stuff out too :D

JonH2O responds:

Cool. :D

Snot rolls help lubricate my uvula...xD. Not really, I was just being hyped up on coffeeeEEEE!!!


either you used software to speed up your words, or you actually can rap that fast. Either way gj.

JonH2O responds:

Yes, I can rap that fast! I only added some compression and EQ.



It is lololololololololo isn't it??

JonH2O responds:

yes, it is lolololololololol to me.


Thats some hot shit maaann but you need is a beat to your fast rapping and seurisly are you a human being cause dang you sounded like an alien jajajajaaa but lets see if I can make a beat for you and don't worry it will be as fast as you are... ;D

JonH2O responds:

PM me when it's done and I'll record these lyrics fresh.


Dayum! Be a STAR!!!