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Reviews for "[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap"


"Fasta Fucking cgroublugueblerg ok ok [..]. Are you ready SHIT! I AM FUCKING READY!!"
Good rapping.
doesnt u want to sing a little rap for me? I have the beat and some lyrics. It is like a rap about... tales. It is totally not a fast rap, the verses are small. If you're intersted, here are the details:
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 166267

sup man, keep on

dont forget to breath! XDD

This is talent.. Obviously placed effort here. :)) 5/5 10!

JonH2O responds:

Thank you!


Good shit dude. reminds me alot of The-O

JonH2O responds:

Oh, The-O. Yes...Hm.....I'll figure that out later.

The end was the best

It sounds like something that I would do.

Because I am a crazy nig like that.


JonH2O responds:

Cool. You should try it!


Your voice sounds exactly like Hotdiggedydemon's. Sorry, I know this is a useless review but I just had to tell you that. (I had to)

JonH2O responds:

And I just had to find out who this Demon guy is!