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Reviews for "[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap"

wwhhaatt tthhee ffuucckk!!!!!!!

dude slow down on the energy drinks and coffee.....lol....the only thing i have to say on ur rap is.....you should go on americas got talent or guiness world records or something...but the real thing i really wanted to say is FUCK!THAT IS TALENT....spit more of that bro....that was a good dose of "slap u in the mouth and make u bleed" lyrics...

JonH2O responds:

I've been at Starbucks all day so it's a little late for that! NEVAHHHH
Thanks for the advice but NUUUU THANKIES NO THANKS NONONONON THANKS MUHH FAGGA. Thanks for the compliments. IDK about americas got talent, hahaha. Sounds cool though. I wonder how it would sound if they censored this... BEEP BEEP BEEP CLOTHESHANGER BEEEEP.
I been trying to come up with more fast raps like this but it's HARD. maybe cuz im trying too hard i didn't try on this one it just came so easy.weird. It always starts with the first verse sooooo hmmmmm. I just need 1 sentence that sounds as cool as gettin a midgets digets and touchin her tits in front of the fridge...lol..
I'll keep workin' at it!

This rap seems slow now. i think I'll do this over a beat first before I start on another rap.

w/e/ew/ew/e/w/e/w/ew/e/w/e/we/w/e/w/e /w/e/w/e/w/e////
I'll figure it out.

And damn, wtf. almost as much downloads as listens? Seriously?!

The end was the best

It sounds like something that I would do.

Because I am a crazy nig like that.


JonH2O responds:

Cool. You should try it!


You're so funny at the beginning and that was legendary.

JonH2O responds:

Well thanks!

haha nice dogg.

Not only is it fast but your lyrics are pretty on point too!! Dope dogg ima listen to some of your stuff and hopefully ur on some beats! I know it'll be dope. haha oh and I was dying on the last part "OH SHIT MUTHAFLUUUAA-"


JonH2O responds:

You'll be surprised what else I've made. It's not all rap..Actually it's barely rap it's mostly silly loops to support flash games on NG, Dick songs, and a couple real serious ones I still approve of is "Don't Listen" that quotes Nixon...

Thanks for the comment,

Not bad

462 syllables in 1:01. I remember i did this before. Forgot my score. Lol i should try something like this again. It's fun. Props to you man. Keep it up.

JonH2O responds:

YOU COUNTED 'EM? Awesome, thanks. thanks thanks to ya there...