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Reviews for "[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap"


sound like a white version twista
too bad i barely could understand the lyrics.

JonH2O responds:

Auh, yeah I mumbled this a bit. It got bad reviews on Youtube because of that! Though it's been over a year and I'm much better at it. Perhaps I should consider revising it.


Thats some hot shit maaann but you need is a beat to your fast rapping and seurisly are you a human being cause dang you sounded like an alien jajajajaaa but lets see if I can make a beat for you and don't worry it will be as fast as you are... ;D

JonH2O responds:

PM me when it's done and I'll record these lyrics fresh.


ok...fast rap is about syllable play and count along with a beat. say it as fast as u want but without flow you are just reading fast or repeating a paragraph of poetry but not rap,

JonH2O responds:

JMac87 has me covered.

Fast talking

Have you ever considered doing auctions because you speak extremely fast. The only thing I think I could suggest for you is to add a backbeat to it that is just as fast you are speaking. This song actually wasn't too bad. Extremely perverted and fast paced, great work on speed rapping here.

Should make a few more and a beat to them so it keeps the listener more entertained.

JonH2O responds:

Nahhh I can only talk this fast because I've practiced it over and over.

I want a beat! I need a beat! Something other than BRASS MONKEY.... lol sounded cool though at karaoke bar but no thanks.


add a beat to it and some music to rap along with, sounded kinda empty but it you could make some nice songs.. ill get back to you