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Reviews for "TANKMEN 1.5"


WoW i got to say i like the ending it was funny


I.. I am the dad


This is a very good flash indeed. i love the graphics how you make everything the colors that newgrounds is. its sweet. well that was funny. i liked how you build up all the moment and then blow a final joke in the end! oh and now its saying that i have not spent enough time to review this so now i have to wait. ive seen it before i just never reveiwed it...... waiting im gonna try submiting it now nope still wont let me. well i guess i will ramble on for a while. Well my xbox live screen name is peter4454 or dustycorn. lol. yeah i know i couldnt think of one. let me try agian.


the tankmen are like the new big thing now cool


i loved it especially the ending....."not anymore bitch!" lmao