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Reviews for "TANKMEN 1.5"


XD omfg, dude thats so asome! "I'm ganna be a dad!....POW...not anymore bitch." XDDDD


Graphics: Very cool
Style: Very neat style
Sound: Great voice acting
Violence: Some, still cool
Interactivity: Not a game
Humor: 10 on that one
Best line: "Hey guys, I just heard I am gonna be dad *boof* Not anymore, bitch"


I'm not surprised that this got a 4.70. I love it. And WOW. Oh man, that was just hilarious...


You should have submitted this on Clock Day (also known as the "day of sub-par flash") so that I could've had a reason to visit Newgrounds that day.

Awesome work, Tankmen should be #1 & #2.


hail tankmen!!!!!!!!

i loved it......."hey guys i just heard im gonna be a dad....not anymore ..bitch" that 1 was cool an the "talk"was cool too hail tankmen i gave you....a 5
greeeetzz conduck