Reviews for "Ten Commandments"


it was good but try not to make things about god plese,it does bugged some people.the 10 commands proformed by clcoks are a diss the the real ones.Also if your going to make the 10 commandments by cloks use newgrounds rules,take the 1st 10

ToadClock responds:

Yeah, while I certainly feel I did not mock God or the Bible, some people did.
So I'm going to avoid doing any stories related to the Bible or movies made of events in the Bible from now on.
I don't want people to feel that I'm being negative toward Christianity, when I am, myself, a Christian.

Newgrounds rules? "Take the fist 10?"
Um, explain?


This is my absolute favorite Clock Crew video ever. =]


hilarious ^^

Nice reenactment of the 10 Commandments.

It's flash like this which shows that there will be no end to the Clock Crew.


nice! i liked the part when one baby had to get eaten. "this low budget film" lol.