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Reviews for "Ten Commandments"

I didn't like it

no offense, but that was pretty racist. I give it a 3/10 for animation, otherwise it was just boring. A bad attempt at something that could have been good.


Not bad- halarious at parts though most of the stuff u got down is wroooong
cause his name was Moussa and he was a Muslim!
Funny though the voices were wierd :P


Great take on an age old story.

"...is whipping a fellow jew, who I only started..

caring about when I realized I was jewish!" and personally, I only find this funny because I am jewish!

Anyways, I like it. a very clock-themed interpretation of a classic, I must say.


My favourite CD06 movie. I hope you will be able to finish making an even better one for this year!

The animation and art was brilliant. Smooth and beautifully drawn.
It was a wonderful take on the famous Bible story with great jokes (first baby being eaten) and executed in a great way, while still not being too offensive for Christians. Of course, I do feel it could've been a bit longer, but given the quality, it was still great.

My only major criticism is the absence of Metallica's "Creeping Death", which was just BEGGING to have been put in here during the "plagues" montage or the credits.

Never mind. Not as if anyone cares for the hardcore music genre's.

Any other words? Eh...w00t I guess.