Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"


So how are you going to split up the xbox360 :)

Sonucais responds:

If this submition is awarded with xbox, will belong to me.

Wow man, that was beasty

I'm curious, if you'd be so kind, what is the song played when you press "Look The Profiles" and whats the song played during the credits? I really would like to be able to get them, thanks alot and AMAZING flash,


Sonucais responds:

For what the hell i done the credits then?


Pump It Up - Beethoven Virus
Polar Star - 403 Forbiddena

Dude!! That was awesome!!

I'm not a clock fan, but starting clock day, i think i've become one!! I LOVE CLOCK Crews work!! And this was astonishing!! Great music, awesome fight scenes, its great!! not to mention other clock crew flashes are funny, Yep, i think im a fan now.

Btw, before i saw clocks, i saw a flash with lock faces like the "bad guys" in the collab. So are they just an immitation? I'm starting to think thats it.

Sonucais responds:

they are... really

this is the most amazing cc flash i've ever seen

congratu;ations to the clock crew for five years of B

Sonucais responds:


you guys pwned the locks!

yea those locks are just a bunch of nOObs.you guys pwned them all!

p.s you cannot kill strawberry clock,lol

Sonucais responds:

lol, the locklegion is down.

please, submit to NG Collabs Collection :)