Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"

i love the clock crew!!!!

this is the most violent clock crew i hav ever seen and its right strawberry clock can't die because he is so cool..... VIVA LA STRABERRY CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonucais responds:

SBC is the king of the portal.


Didn't make a whole lot of sense to me but the animation and music more than made up for the randomness. Oh yeah and a little thing called Clock Flash Animations! Everyone astounding! Everyone Unique!

Happy Clock Day!

Sonucais responds:

Happy Clock Day to you TOO!!


Out of all the music videos/ collabs that have to do with Clocks and Locks, this rocks out loud! You even used my favorite song! Even though it doesn't have any interactivity or humor, I say you deserve this perfect 10 and a 5!

Sonucais responds:

It have interactivy! Go look the profiles and move with the keys.

this rocks

i read all the reviews, yes ALL of them, just to see what people tried to bash this on, and really, bashing it because "nightmare city" used it, is a really dumb idea. really, i watched it after and it looks alot different then this, maybe the same fighting style, but then you might as well say "all anime's are the same" which is just...not right. this song totally does kick ass, and it was a good song to base it around. alot of the graphics, were really good, and though people may say make it like "the yu yu"...if youve ever watched all the top 50, theres only 4 movies in that style. and there all done by the same person. now try comparing any of the top 50 with "the yuyu" and see if if it meets expectations. no? i didnt think so, this is really damn good, and its not even like only one person worked on it, which makes it even cooler, because it must be hard as hell to put a collab together that isnt in individual scenes that dont completely differ in graphics. good job. you deserve alot of credit, expecially whoever put it together, it must of been a pain in the yeah. people who say its lacking on interation...really. explore the flash a bit more will ya? character profiles anyone? not super humerous to me, but a little chuckle here and there, which is good to have in a flash, it makes it more diverse. oh. and there was a decent amount of blood, theres your violence, i think i covered all bases yes? well, i look forward to another good flash next clock day, id like to see more collabs from you guys, it just really shows some team work.

Sonucais responds:

you have all the fucking reason, you rule!


Honestly! Could this be any better?
And to all of you people who don't agree, I'm not even a clock and I even know: STRAWBERRY CLOCK IS KING OF THE PORTAL!

Sonucais responds:

Could this be better? The answer to this question is... YES!
But we cannot do this perfect. Also the size is pretty big for only 4'.

Agreed. SBC is our king. Vote 5.