Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"


That was a really great flash.

TurdClock Ladies And Gentlemen!!!!

Turdy! My Man! that was apsolutly Spectaculer! You out done yourself! It had the Humour... And it was very very touching.... TurdClock.... My old friend..... Like you said... Although we are far apart.. Our Clock Crew Brotherhood will always seem as close as ever! Thank you for the inspirational Work.. And thank you for the Cameo.. It is a great honour mate.... i was waiting all day for this movie.. And i wasnt Disapointed =)

Stay in touch Turd


Your Friend And Brother



Very good. But isn't the cabbie voice also knottsberrys voices?thought that was a little weird

TurdClock responds:

It may have been Knott's voice in 21 'o Clock street but I don't think it really matters, except that Strawberry's voice has to be Adult Male #1.


Extremly good although the only thing I felt missing was you missed a huge chance at the end of the song for strawberry to go "What are you, gay?" to turd, now that would of been funny right before cut to credits.

I realise what you were going for and it rocked, very nicely done.

I love it.

I truly love it.