Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"


the end was just beautiful


The only part I really enjoyed was the Full Metal Jacket scene. Other than that, meh.

The Best Clock Movie Ever Submitted (yet)

That was so good at the end that I almost cried. Turdclock, you and Rupee are the best Clock Crew animators out there. Your Clock Crew movies are the only ones that I consider to be true Clock Crew movies. The characters are fantastic, the writing is superb, and the animation is great. I hope you make more Clock Crew movies on August 15 2009. You are fantastic.

--PS Is Clyde Ghost Clock taken? Clyde is the orange/gold ghost in Pacman.

Nice work,Turd!

It's a good flash and good work
I liked these songs:You raise me up and Can't stop loving you
Good song choices
All of your flashes are good
Nice work!!:D


I really enjoyed it and I hope you make more of your fantastic flash!