Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"


i like that song call "Don't Stop Beliving" 1973 song journey band
holy fucking bleedind turd cover with bleeding semen
Hassan Koppa is a gay

Best ever.

i cried when turd clock was singing. it was just so beautiful. i <3 this movie.

Was not expecting that

It was weird to see StrawberryClock treat TurdClock so nice in the beginning. Of course, he went back to his old self when the actual cartoon started. I was waiting to hear the extended version of that Journey song. This movie heavily relied on heartwarming songs and it did that perfectly. It seems like you simply avoided crude humor in this (although there was some) but instead really looked for creating something that would make us feel good. It is probably the best thing you have ever done for StrawberryClock.


The greatest Clock Day 2006 flash ever!

Nearly Cried...

So beautiful!