Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"



I was moved to tears. This animation was simply brilliant. The music was indeed awesome and moved me like no clock animation in the past has. I literally had goosebumps. Great job overall.

*sniff* fucking beutiful man

Finally a good tribute to strawberryClock

I was beginning to lose hope!

Thank god there are Clocks like you still making flash, Turd. All your movies are brilliant and this could possibly be my favourite of them all, and the best Clock movie ever.

All the way through this film I had a big, stupid grin fixed to my face, it's been so long that I've seen a movie from you that it made me glad to just see your name on the page! I knew from the opening chords that this would be great, watching all the miscellaneous clocks just living their lives (including me :D) is great to see, the tap gag had me laughing out loud.

The story had an incredible pace, helped along with hilariously childish jokes and references (the full metal jacket spoof was absolutely brilliant - after the umteenth "do you suck dick?" it just kept getting funnier). "Friends... Family...Fag" was the most I've ever laughed this Clock day. But also quite touching at times, without being pretentious - like TurdClock's speech and the opening credits.

You are one of my favourite flash authors, all your movies have great continuity and humour, but most of all - the clock spirit, Happy Clock day! (sorry this is coming a day late) Fived, favourite'd, reviewed, loved. {{{Turd}}}

i think i have a tear in my eye=''')

fuckin brilliant my friend now thats what i call a tribute
well done turdclock

Excuse me..I have some thing in my eye ("sniffle")

That Mr. Turdclock, was a truly touching film. You are indeed a credit to the Clock Crew, and flash animators all around the globe.

I am not an animator my self... but I know and "appreciate" good art when I see it. This is not "good" art. This is truly SPECTACULAR ! :D

5 years. All of this from one person trying to "B" funny. A stone cast into the pond that has rippled outward throuout all that is the web.

You deserve whatever good fortune comes your way Turd. Keep them coming.