Reviews for "Clockday Of The Year"


This was genius. Absolute genius.


TERRIFIC!!! absolutely terrific!!!!!
One of the greatest flash movies I ever saw!

Good Work Man!!! keep it up!!

BeSt EvAr

you are the second only yo SBC in the clock crew. and By far one of my favorite animators. I luv you man! (in a heterosexual way)


Very good. But isn't the cabbie voice also knottsberrys voices?thought that was a little weird

TurdClock responds:

It may have been Knott's voice in 21 'o Clock street but I don't think it really matters, except that Strawberry's voice has to be Adult Male #1.

One of the better Clock movies I've seen!

Hilarious. And the scene from FMJ was well done, haha. Nice shading and choice of music, too.