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Reviews for "SBC: Rise To Power"

Loved it.

I really liked this. The gameplay was simple and easy to navigate; the art was tasteful and well-applied. Pat yourself on the back.

authorblues responds:

*pats* happy clock day 2006

Fuking Ace Game but......

WDF Was With The Ending No Fight Scene No Mini-Game No Nothing Ruined It....

authorblues responds:

would you like to create a fight engine in a game that youve already spent 3 days on and you are already past deadline.



Well, I really like the graphics in this game, and the muisc was pretty cool, too. This game was pretty fun, too.


Well, there was an awful lot of running around back and forth, and the whole part with the feather was annoying and unnecessary, in my opinion. Also, maybe some menu music and sound effects...? (Like when you scroll over a button).


authorblues responds:

lol. the feather wasnt required to finish the game, and it was MEANT to be unnecessary. that was what made it funny/ironic.

this what we call a commentary (or satire) on the oddities in most RPGs today.


^^Good Points^^
This is a very good game, underrated I think, and did not get the publicity it deserves. The interactivity was amazing and simple, and wasn't really bugged at all. I enjoyed playing the game all the way to the end, which is usually something I don't do on NG games. The graphics were very well done, almost flawless. Definitely one of the best CD submissions.

^^Needs Improving^^
There is really little to be said in this section. In fact, it's been skipping my mind for some time now. Good job.

Review Request Club.

authorblues responds:

thank you for the kind words. i dont think either of us thought we would win the xbox 360, but we were very disappointed that the submission was overlooked.

(frontpage would have been nice, i think)

How did I miss these?!

What a good game! Good graphics, smoothly animated movement, clever dialogue (that foreshadowing line, lol).
A classic item-swap clock game; very nice. I'm indifferent to the bg music; it fit but, I don't know...