Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"


stolen from bounce 3 begginning ......its like a remix

Oro responds:

Wow. People with IQ's lower than 13 should not be allowed on the internet. You are a threat to my mental well being.

First off, I have no idea what "bounce 3 begginning" is, but I am sure that I haven't "stolen" anything from it.


What the hell are you talking about? Don't you mean B0UNC3? This doesn't sound like any B0UNC3 song as far as I'm concerned. Get your hearing fixed, pal.


give up.

*sigh* give up. im actually 17, so dont you go "kiddo" on me. lol, how do you explain my 3 remix songs? lol. maybe i used "garageband: special remix edition" ;) your arguments are leaking all over. i have the project files for fl5 for ALL my songs, so if you tried to report me, you would be the one getting deleted. ^0^ i guess you are one of those lonely clammed up kids who can't be a man and accept that you've made a mistake. i dont like the people that steal work any more than you do, but im not one of them, and i over 15 NG users to comfirm that. i even got myself a job where i make music... so untill you can prove it, which you will never be able to do; leave me alone. and please give me a SOLID reply, not just "things you think might be true" and then letting your whole "i rule, i have no ability to see my own mistakes" attitude churn out these crappy arguments. the only way you can feel on top of the situation is to call a person of your same age "KIDDO".

Oro responds:

Leave you alone? You're the one constantly harassing me and leaving reviews on all of my songs. You've obviously got your perspective fucked up. As for your e-age, I don't really care. You obviously have the mentality of a 13 year old.

Some of your "original" songs have piano loops straight out of garage band. Somebody sent me a few of "your songs" and then a few loops out of garageband. That was enough for me.

You are too over defensive, because if you didnt have anything to hide, you wouldn't care so much.