Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"

this is

this song is a party and i am a partier!

Oro responds:


Thank you, sir.


This was magical and it might have touched my........ heart. This is a good one! yayyyyyy

Oro responds:

Your HEART? Sure... sure

<3 :)


Cool. Yes, this kinda did sound familiar. but that didnt stop it from being great. good work man!

Oro responds:

Yeah, thats what everybody has been saying o_O

I still don't understand why, though.

Thanks for the 10, lupin.


Really catchy tune there. Almost seems more techno than trance, but still a great tune. At the end, it's a little wierd with the fading out, but not too bad. Might just be me, but a little bass would sound cool. But a really really catchy tune. Every time I stop by in the audio I just have to listen to it at least once. =D Keep up the good work!


Great Job. I liked the trance background. Also, to the review below- JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!

Oro responds:

An actual review? What a pleasant turn of events. THANK YOU! :D <3