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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

They saved the best for last...

This battle was fuckin' AWESOME! I really wish all of the battles were like this. Anyway both of these emcees brought fire. But to me I felt Gloine had a little more sting in his lyrics. Especially with the line "Talking that I nearly lost, of course son I battled the real Emcees while you took on the short bus". Loved how Gloined flipped it around in the final verse, tha was some 8 Mile shit. Anyway both of these guys did good but in the end, I'm gonna have to vote for Gloine.


shit man..

a great finale.

both MC's went hard as fuck.. i seriosuly and honestly can go undecided on this..

Exceptid has better voice and shit was more crisp and had good ryhmes

Gloine had better ryhmes and punchlines also te switch up at the end was pretty sick

but each over runs the other so draw.. but ni no u cant do dat so w.e


-¦- CKC -¦-

Tight beat, truly is a battle beat.

Gloine, the cynic in the flesh!

Exceptid gets mine

he sounds like he's tearing into him much more, gloine just doesn't sound like he's hitting that hard but exceptid just sounds like he's really ripping into him especially because the line "it took three days for this?"


Exceptid brought fire
Gloine brought nukes...