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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


he just ripped this guy apart, exceptid is like a white dmx just yelling all the time, it's fucking annoying. gloine is the best.

...tell me who'd you beat, a-track dubs

and a fag that rapped fast.
That line won it for me, it was close for sure, but that line showed me that Gloine did his homework and knew what to say. great job to everyone who participated it was a blast to listen to the whole comp
Final verdict= Gloine


ok, so i gotta vote to exceptid.
thing is gloine didnt go hard enough his first verse. but second verse was tight, if u wouldn't have underestimated ex and started off with ur second verse + then go even harder on the new second verse, u'd win=(

exceptid, u n i already kno u won this=) so in the end that's all that matters
p.s. was that some1 sampled on the critical damage line? or was that u? cuz it sounded like grim or smtin.

p.p.s. both rappers had nice lines, but exceptid had more(harder hitting "in the end")=P

Gloine vs Exceptid

Honestly, I think this was a tie.
Cthulu continues to come with that crazy rhyme scheme and hard ass disses, though he sounds like he's just a small step above the 'reading it off a piece of paper' sound.

Exceptid had that insane energy and emotion with some equally lulzy cracks, but much of the time he wasn't rhyming.

As hypnotic stated, this competition isn't about mic quality or production value.

This is about WHO is the BEST EMCEE???

That being said:

Cthulu -
Content: 8/10
Rhythm: 7/10
Rhyme: 9/10
Delivery: 6/10
TOTAL: 30/40

Exceptid -
Content: 8/10
Rhythm: 7/10
Rhyme: 6/10
Delivery: 9/10
TOTAL: 30/40

I do have to say though, at the end of Cthulu's second verse it felt like he was trying to get a couple extra desperate punches in.

Mad gratz to all the emcees in the competition, and especially these two right here.
And just because this comp is about to be over doesn't mean anybody's gotta quit battlin!

great werk

blend the vox a lil more, they too loud