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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

shits easy.

exceptid are you serious? how can you act like a fucking vet in the game and have those bars to back you up? your lyrics are beyond wack and the only thing keeping them together and getting these faggots to vote for you is because you scream and rhyme elementary bullshit. if you want to talk battle rap.... youre more like dizaster and Lu is more like Locksmith. bullshit filler flow vs. knock out lyricism. stop fucking making it seem like you dont want to win for some sympathy votes you pathetic bitch. keep comparing him to big L though, the kid did a tribute track for a god and made it sound like fire. Shit i was going to compliment your verses till the bitch in you fell right out of your bleeding pussy. but its real funny how you talk big game, personally id like to keep hearing you complain....and if you really want to examine line for line please be my guest, but i dont think anyone on this site needs to see an in depth look at how bad you really are.

c'mon E wheres that veteran fire?

oooo hear it is

"you're a pussy i can tell by youre ovaries"

oooohfff some straight up original shit.

great job

great rapping,
loved it from the beginning,

God damn

Fuckers are coming right out of the woodwork for this one. All I'ma say is I find the amount of first time reviewers in this contest either a great thing for Ng or mad suspect, not sure which yet.

All the same, a great final to a sick tournament. Great work on that tingtonger.

My vote goes to exceptid.


The first dude that starts off has a serious aggressive tone, kinda nice.

I couldn't decide beside the 2 rappers right here.

Im just really bothered by the beat, the beat is barely hearable unfortunately...

The melodies were like, oh shit, horror movie-ish. Didn't make sense to me with the rhymes and stuff. You should get some heavy banger dubstep shit and some phat beats under a voice like that first dude. :P

I liked it though, a lot better than the average rap on NG.

Gloine for the win.

Exceptid, you're rhymes were great. Next to anyone else you would have won... but, great doesn't come close to AMAZING that is Gloine.