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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


knockd thos haters lights out 1 round


This was by far one of the best battles so far. Exceptid hit hard from the get go, Gloine's first verse was dope but he didn't really bring the pain till his second verse. It was pretty close but I think my vote is gonna have to go to Exceptid for this one

Good Job

I totally thought Gloine should have won that one. I'm not an expert on rap, but from what I heard, Gloine's lyrics were amazing and his responses were flawless, and Exceptid just ended up taking random potshots at him while rapping very loudly.

I'd like to know: what were the judges thinking?


exceptid really made me laugh, sick guy i think he won


The first dude that starts off has a serious aggressive tone, kinda nice.

I couldn't decide beside the 2 rappers right here.

Im just really bothered by the beat, the beat is barely hearable unfortunately...

The melodies were like, oh shit, horror movie-ish. Didn't make sense to me with the rhymes and stuff. You should get some heavy banger dubstep shit and some phat beats under a voice like that first dude. :P

I liked it though, a lot better than the average rap on NG.