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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


I vote for the guy who is good: Gloine all the way on this one.


His disses were insanely powerful. All out verbal rape coming out of his mouth. Gloine just wasn't doing as good, but he was still alright.

"You're a pussy, I could tell by your ovaries! (dayum!)" That won it for me.

Final verdict = Exceptid

PS - His battle versus Murdaa was honestly one of the best I have ever heard in my life.

well fuck

This was by far one of the best battles so far. Exceptid hit hard from the get go, Gloine's first verse was dope but he didn't really bring the pain till his second verse. It was pretty close but I think my vote is gonna have to go to Exceptid for this one.

very close though.. "you're a pussy, I can tell by your ovaries" lol nice

Gotta admit...

.....it was close there for a bit, but Gloine ripped it at the end. My vote to Gloine.


HOLLY this sounds like hollywood undead =) 10/10