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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

holy shit

I gotta say it was close. Cthulu has my vote because he had the most relevant disses and the superior and most original rhyme scheme. But Exceptid has the voice for war, he knows how to attack with it real intense, and I liked that pinata line, however everything else seemed like yelling on tempo with less rhyme emphasis and over-used disses. A lot of the newground crowd seems to have little depth of analysis, so I feel my judgement may be in the minority cause Exceptid is an awesome battle MC. But Cthulu's has the depth ("Why you pissed Exceptid, cause your best shit got a couple left clicks?"), After I heard that ... I knew he had my vote


Gloine wins again. Exceptids lyrics and flow are simply second rate in comparison. Also, the voice is cool, but it feels like he's using it not just to separate himself, but it's overly intense for his lyrics. The best part of his lyrics is the part is where he claims Gloine's nasty lyrics are actually a catastrophe. Gloine still wins hard though.


dude his just sounded better

This last round...

...Should be judged on the number of votes given by people who have reviewed this rather than only the judges. And maybe if its only down to the judges, a whole set of voting criteria should be set out and judged upon, because it seems to me that people (including judges) are voting based on all different types of categories. It should be narrowed down and clear to what this competition is being based upon because there seems to be this big debate between Exceptid's mic presence and vocal quality vs. Cthulu's overall lyrical ability.

BigRed responds:

I agree about the criteria and will have a specific one for next year for all judging.


I love them both but I think that Exceptid62190 should win, his lyrics are a bit better and his flow is sick