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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

Exceptid is a very clever MC

This was one HELL of a great battle. These 2 were the best the competition had to offer.

From the start Exceptid was a competitive concern for ROF MCs. I have to say gloine did very well However Exceptid has a much more aggressive performance.

This is the first time I heard someone give Exceptid a decent challenge, But Exceptid earned his spot in first place!

His friend J-Kellz should be proud! Exceptid walks away the champion of the MC knock out.


dude his just sounded better

This last round...

...Should be judged on the number of votes given by people who have reviewed this rather than only the judges. And maybe if its only down to the judges, a whole set of voting criteria should be set out and judged upon, because it seems to me that people (including judges) are voting based on all different types of categories. It should be narrowed down and clear to what this competition is being based upon because there seems to be this big debate between Exceptid's mic presence and vocal quality vs. Cthulu's overall lyrical ability.

BigRed responds:

I agree about the criteria and will have a specific one for next year for all judging.


That was pretty sick battle but my vote goes to Gloine period.

I listened to this 10+ times before i chose

Here's my breakdown. It was hard to choose so i did it UFC style

Rap Ability: 9
1st Verse: 10
3rd Verse: 9
Total Score: 28/30

Rap Ability: 10
1st Verse: 9
3rd Verse: 10
Total Score: 29/30

Very very close to choose. Exceptid is definitly the better battle rapper, but as far as actual raping goes Gloine has em beat.

Gloine started weak but finished very strong which won it for him. I can definitly see why both made it this far. Congrats to both contestants.

We now go to Bruce Buffer with the official decision.
"Winner with a scor of 29 to 28, GloineFioooooooodh!!!"