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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

They saved the best for last...

This battle was fuckin' AWESOME! I really wish all of the battles were like this. Anyway both of these emcees brought fire. But to me I felt Gloine had a little more sting in his lyrics. Especially with the line "Talking that I nearly lost, of course son I battled the real Emcees while you took on the short bus". Loved how Gloined flipped it around in the final verse, tha was some 8 Mile shit. Anyway both of these guys did good but in the end, I'm gonna have to vote for Gloine.


knockd thos haters lights out 1 round

you cant be serious?

honestly, ive been paying attention to this competition from the start, and if you dumb ass judges are going to give this to Exceptid you should honestly step into heavy oncoming traffic. Tell me how the fuck you are going to host a HIPHOP BATTLE contest and give the vote to a pussy who not only disgraces the genre, but straight whines like a bitch and stomps his feet when he feels threatened. Im not really to sure if you read his post on the main thread but.......THE FUCKING Kid REALIZEd HE LOST. And to the fucking moron below me, what categorizes a;
"much more aggressive performance",
is it screaming and not having any rhyme scheme..... then labeling it emotion?
is it purely the fact that Lu doesnt have a high quality mic?
is it simply because none of you are qualified to be judging a contest that should be based on lyricism, and because all of you think monosyllabic crisp rhymes are cut throat you are firing up all of these completely talentless pieces of shit.

To be honest i don't even think CTHULHU gives a fuck anymore, why would he want to win a competition that's misrepresenting everything he has every picked up a pen and worked for. So please continue to host these contests, and continue to feel powerful because of your determining votes.


This was by far one of the best battles so far. Exceptid hit hard from the get go, Gloine's first verse was dope but he didn't really bring the pain till his second verse. It was pretty close but I think my vote is gonna have to go to Exceptid for this one

Good Job

I totally thought Gloine should have won that one. I'm not an expert on rap, but from what I heard, Gloine's lyrics were amazing and his responses were flawless, and Exceptid just ended up taking random potshots at him while rapping very loudly.

I'd like to know: what were the judges thinking?