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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

Hahaa my brother Cthulu

The Cynic takes it once again. The lines are just too sick for everybody. Sorry Exceptid, you got the expression and voice over the beat down but as far as lyricism goes you don't take this round. You ain't a bad lyricist or anything, its just that I believe Cthulu has the strength over you in that field. Congratulations Cthulu as winner of this competition.

- P.


good final

exceptid 8-10


In my opinion

big red thanks for the warning


my vote goes for gloine, exceptid scream too damn much and just calls it emotion

also, the piece of fast rhyming by gloine was really nice


You rock brah.


omfg lejin is a fucking retard!

Gloine has this BIG L sound really...

do you guys even listen to rap I think the judges like Lejin listen to some happy pop shit..
You should listen to lyrics before you judge fucking fag