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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


This is great. great beat, great rapping. This is good stuff, not crap. You guys need better recording equipment. but that doesnt matter, great job. MOAR PLZ!!!

I listened to this 10+ times before i chose

Here's my breakdown. It was hard to choose so i did it UFC style

Rap Ability: 9
1st Verse: 10
3rd Verse: 9
Total Score: 28/30

Rap Ability: 10
1st Verse: 9
3rd Verse: 10
Total Score: 29/30

Very very close to choose. Exceptid is definitly the better battle rapper, but as far as actual raping goes Gloine has em beat.

Gloine started weak but finished very strong which won it for him. I can definitly see why both made it this far. Congrats to both contestants.

We now go to Bruce Buffer with the official decision.
"Winner with a scor of 29 to 28, GloineFioooooooodh!!!"


Specially the beginning

and the second guys voice sounds a little with Eminem's voice...a little

Gotta admit...

.....it was close there for a bit, but Gloine ripped it at the end. My vote to Gloine.

Bad Ass

Great rappin