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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

Needs some work.

When I first found out that it was going to be a rap, I got a little worried. But, it turned out pretty good.

Rhythm: The beat going while you guys were rapping was pretty solid, but a little too overpowering. I couldn't hear some of the bars because the music was so loud. It's a very simple, very effective fix. Turn it down a little. :]

Rapper 1: Drink some more water before you start rapping, it will take away that spitty sound people are talking about. If you are dehydrated when you start rapping the saliva will get all hung up in your mouth.

Rapper 2: Great job, very clean. Not much to say about yours. Impressed. Obvious winner.

Timing: Near the beginning there was some timing issues, it didn't really lock in with the beat.

Overall: It's a very good run, there is just some little things that will help tremendously.

Review Request Club

shit be tiiiight

im guessing exceptid's bark is worse than his bite, but seriously this shit was.... dam i cant find the words....


No doubts, Gloine brought that shit and tore it up.

Gloine for the win.

Exceptid, you're rhymes were great. Next to anyone else you would have won... but, great doesn't come close to AMAZING that is Gloine.

Raps = On point, Beat = Amazing as expected

I gotta say, I thought I would've thrown my vote to Exceptid by the time his second verse came in but Gloine just left'm for dead with that last set of bars. Definitely the right two for the final though although I would've like to have seen Exceptid Vs Gasmasq. Haha. Good luck to you both though! Delinquent, your beats are amazing and these MCs' lines flowed perfectly over it, keep up the awesome work. And thanks for this, Big Red - I'm sure it took a lot of work keepings this organized; watching the threads/posts on this whole thing, that goes without saying, haha.