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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


shit man..

a great finale.

both MC's went hard as fuck.. i seriosuly and honestly can go undecided on this..

Exceptid has better voice and shit was more crisp and had good ryhmes

Gloine had better ryhmes and punchlines also te switch up at the end was pretty sick

but each over runs the other so draw.. but ni no u cant do dat so w.e


-¦- CKC -¦-


It was close but I gotta hand it to Exceptid. Gloine is a good lyricist but I think Exc was built to make fun of people.


...Excepted, cuz he went hard as fuck. I personally think other MC's are better but these two we're spittin up somethin serious.

Excepted went hard, Gloine had sick lyircs.


Yooooo. Exceptid went hard.

Dead ass. Gloine did some Gasmasq shit with the fast crap. Didn't understand a word he said. He has some sick lines, but Exceptid went fucking hard.

Hahaa my brother Cthulu

The Cynic takes it once again. The lines are just too sick for everybody. Sorry Exceptid, you got the expression and voice over the beat down but as far as lyricism goes you don't take this round. You ain't a bad lyricist or anything, its just that I believe Cthulu has the strength over you in that field. Congratulations Cthulu as winner of this competition.

- P.