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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


Gloine shit on this kid... sooooo bad. Gloine was right, excepted yells and sounds like he is trying waaaay to hard, like a mix between Lil'Wayne and like... Big Bird. Sounds awful...

Gloine just destroyed this, straigh murdered.


Gloine wins again. Exceptids lyrics and flow are simply second rate in comparison. Also, the voice is cool, but it feels like he's using it not just to separate himself, but it's overly intense for his lyrics. The best part of his lyrics is the part is where he claims Gloine's nasty lyrics are actually a catastrophe. Gloine still wins hard though.

Tight beat, truly is a battle beat.

Gloine, the cynic in the flesh!

God damn

Fuckers are coming right out of the woodwork for this one. All I'ma say is I find the amount of first time reviewers in this contest either a great thing for Ng or mad suspect, not sure which yet.

All the same, a great final to a sick tournament. Great work on that tingtonger.

My vote goes to exceptid.

Great battle.

Both of you did great, however. I gotta give the vote for Gloine for his second version. Fucking killer man.

However, I wanna say something a little irrelevant..for pretty much every battle. The MCs are ALWAYS fighting with one another. chill out guys. You need to get thicker skin and grow a sense of sportsmanship.