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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


hands down

Exceptid gets mine

he sounds like he's tearing into him much more, gloine just doesn't sound like he's hitting that hard but exceptid just sounds like he's really ripping into him especially because the line "it took three days for this?"


knockd thos haters lights out 1 round


ok, so i gotta vote to exceptid.
thing is gloine didnt go hard enough his first verse. but second verse was tight, if u wouldn't have underestimated ex and started off with ur second verse + then go even harder on the new second verse, u'd win=(

exceptid, u n i already kno u won this=) so in the end that's all that matters
p.s. was that some1 sampled on the critical damage line? or was that u? cuz it sounded like grim or smtin.

p.p.s. both rappers had nice lines, but exceptid had more(harder hitting "in the end")=P

Chill with the blogging Exceptid

You and your ego can get the fuck outta here man. Do you seriously think you're the best emcee on this site? There are a few others on this website apart from Cthulu who can rip you apart too. Don't go round saying newgrounds is a little playground when there are better emcees than you in what you call a small pond. If you can't even be a big fish in this small pond maybe you should be the one who gives up man. You lose straight up. Maybe you been rapping for a while, but you got beaten in lyrical skill by somebody who you think has only been rapping for a few months. What a shame.