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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"


Personally, this was a really close battle. In the end, it came down to delivery for me, and when that came up, the winner was clear. Exceptid's delivery reminds me a bit of Immortal Technique's new album, which is definitely a plus to me. Gloine did admirably, but Exceptid edges past to take the win for me.

Gloine vs Exceptid

Honestly, I think this was a tie.
Cthulu continues to come with that crazy rhyme scheme and hard ass disses, though he sounds like he's just a small step above the 'reading it off a piece of paper' sound.

Exceptid had that insane energy and emotion with some equally lulzy cracks, but much of the time he wasn't rhyming.

As hypnotic stated, this competition isn't about mic quality or production value.

This is about WHO is the BEST EMCEE???

That being said:

Cthulu -
Content: 8/10
Rhythm: 7/10
Rhyme: 9/10
Delivery: 6/10
TOTAL: 30/40

Exceptid -
Content: 8/10
Rhythm: 7/10
Rhyme: 6/10
Delivery: 9/10
TOTAL: 30/40

I do have to say though, at the end of Cthulu's second verse it felt like he was trying to get a couple extra desperate punches in.

Mad gratz to all the emcees in the competition, and especially these two right here.
And just because this comp is about to be over doesn't mean anybody's gotta quit battlin!


That other guy just yells a lot and makes him self sound stupid

you cant be serious?

honestly, ive been paying attention to this competition from the start, and if you dumb ass judges are going to give this to Exceptid you should honestly step into heavy oncoming traffic. Tell me how the fuck you are going to host a HIPHOP BATTLE contest and give the vote to a pussy who not only disgraces the genre, but straight whines like a bitch and stomps his feet when he feels threatened. Im not really to sure if you read his post on the main thread but.......THE FUCKING Kid REALIZEd HE LOST. And to the fucking moron below me, what categorizes a;
"much more aggressive performance",
is it screaming and not having any rhyme scheme..... then labeling it emotion?
is it purely the fact that Lu doesnt have a high quality mic?
is it simply because none of you are qualified to be judging a contest that should be based on lyricism, and because all of you think monosyllabic crisp rhymes are cut throat you are firing up all of these completely talentless pieces of shit.

To be honest i don't even think CTHULHU gives a fuck anymore, why would he want to win a competition that's misrepresenting everything he has every picked up a pen and worked for. So please continue to host these contests, and continue to feel powerful because of your determining votes.

Exceptid is a very clever MC

This was one HELL of a great battle. These 2 were the best the competition had to offer.

From the start Exceptid was a competitive concern for ROF MCs. I have to say gloine did very well However Exceptid has a much more aggressive performance.

This is the first time I heard someone give Exceptid a decent challenge, But Exceptid earned his spot in first place!

His friend J-Kellz should be proud! Exceptid walks away the champion of the MC knock out.