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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

shits wack

okay some of you people astound me. especially the hellsguardian guy. yea i guess exceptid had a few okay lines like the ones you mention, but gloine's were almost ALL on point. i'd say almost all of them are relevant, i'm not sure which ones you're referring to that aren't. let's compare some of the lyrics that people are saying are good:

exceptid: "you're a pussy i can tell by your ovaries"
gloine: "why you pissed exceptid, cuz your best shit got a couple left clicks?"

pure genius by gloine there. tying pussy and ovaries together...real original...

exceptid: "You talk shit, you almost lost every round/ I burn the cynic, I'm arsenic and turn you into smoke clouds."
gloine: "talking how i nearly lost, of course son/i battled real MCs while you took on the short bus. i clocked iconic and slapped the gasmasq/tell me who you beat, a-track dubs and a fag that raps fast?"

shits FIRE from gloine. that's probably exceptid's best line in the whole thing and gloine's line there is clearly better. rhyme wise, creative wise, everything.

gloine's creativity the whole time was just way better than exceptid's. i guess it's a lost art because some of you can't grasp it. his rhymes were off the chain too...while exceptid rhymed like 10 times in both his verses combined.

exceptid, you got the emotion. it's not enough though this round, sorry.

the cynic takes it easily.

creativity: the lost art

MC Cthulu

yep Exceptid had the 'energy' but Gloine was flat-out lyrically superior in this round. ill rhymes and laid-back delivery versus meh rhymes and angryguy delivery? Gloine got it this time. that being said, good effort on both your parts.

This finale was anticlimactic to say the least

I was kind of disappointed by this round simply because Gloine vs. Gasmasq was much better but it was a pretty good battle, it just didn't meet my expectations. Now, let's get to the judging:

- Exceptid -
Flow and delivery was pretty good and lyrics themselves did the job of dissing your opponent so that was on point but the rhyme scheme was type weird so I wasn't really impressed by it. It felt like you were trying to rhyme words that really don't rhyme but they sound kind of similar. Either way, it didn't really work for me but for the most part, the rhyming wasn't as bad as others seem to make it out to be. I think it was just a little hard to hear some of your bars, but I still enjoyed the battle.

- Gloine -
The flow was decent but the delivery felt real monotonous to be honest. Your rhyme scheme was amazing as usual but your lyrics was type sporadic. You had some nice bars where you had Exceptid but you mixed in too many irrelevant bars where you weren't directly dissing him. So your verses were kind of up and down for me but that doesn't change the fact that you kept yourself in there with some of those lines.

~ Final Verdict ~
Although this finale wasn't as impressive as the last round, it was still a pretty good battle. Exceptid had plenty of energy and his lyrics were pretty solid to keep himself in the battle but at the same time, had some trouble with his rhyme scheme. Gloine came hard with his ridiculous rhyme scheme and his old school type flow but his lyrics were all over the place, sometimes it felt like he was just glorifying himself which is not the point of a battle.

The real difference between Exceptid and Gloine though, was in the second verses. Exceptid had Gloine shook after that second verse and Gloine never recovered. I did hear Gloine trying to flip some bars on Exceptid but it didn't work out precisely because it wasn't really directed at him. These are the bars that I felt really finished Gloine:

"You talk shit, you almost lost every round/ I burn the cynic, I'm arsenic and turn you into smoke clouds." (Exceptid, I wasn't sure if this is right so you gotta tell me the exact words for this bar)

"You think I'm cocky, it's called fucking emotion/ go get some of your own style, go get one."

All in all, while is was a pretty close battle up until the last verse, my vote goes to Exceptid.


dude his just sounded better


Damn man, REALLY hard to judge! both are phenomenal MC's. I'll have to go with gloine, his last verse was straight FIRE! For me it's not all about being agressive, its about lyrical delivery and pace, the way gloine sped up the pace at the last verse sealed it.