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Reviews for "NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine"

Very nice

So this was nice and I really like the sound here some solid battle element here you have a nice vibe and good flavor all around and hope you make more like this it was nice work indeed I like this kind of track so do make more


Kind of funny how much better the battles (and MCs) have gotten on Newgrounds these past few years. I'm definitely going to have to give this one to Cynic. The 'abilities/kill mcs/ill as me/willingly' multi was pretty clever and referencing 8track and Murdaa was a pretty nice flip too.

Exceptid's finisher was pretty dope but I don't see how he won this.

What a great battle!

Winner of Lyrics: Gloine

Winner of Rhythm: Gloine

Winner of BURN: Exceptid but only NARROWLY

Overall winner: Gloine


when i first heard the beat my emotion started as ......well...i've heard better. and then Exc BURST in like he was angry and i was like oh shit D:!!!!

im pretty sure most people listenin to the NGHH are 100% positive that the reason why exceptid made it to the finals , is cuz when he raps he raps like hes angry. Just like eminem . _ . . And that one characteristic gives Exc a HUGE advantage in the votes. if u agree with this mark this comment as useful . _ .

It is pretty cool I guess

The intro with gun fire was a bit interesting I suppose but I came to hear a cool beat actually. After about twenty seconds I get my wish.

The lyrics are pretty nice as well. Very harsh but he sounds like he has a good future in the record industry if you puts that much soul into every song he does as well.

The back beat, drums, ghost feel, bells, and bass line were all pretty good. This is actually a very nice versus song so great work here.

Overall, a good versus song but I really have no idea which person was better as they were both that good. D:

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