Reviews for "Xyirx - Dragon's War"


This was actually so good, I can well see it in a game or something, but then again I can also see it being used in a film if you got a massive orchestra to play it. Nice work man!

Xyirx responds:

Wow, first review! :) Thank you very, very much. I hope it gets into some games or films too.


o___o I love the intense music in this song, and the emotion of the song is being displayed very vividly, as in it would really fit well in the scene that you have mentioned in the comment. I always find it interesting that it has a "twist" or more of them in the "plot" of the song, which makes your song very different to the rest. I really enjoyed listening to it for a long time :D

Xyirx responds:

Thanks for all the support, Legna. I don't really know how to thank you enough. Glad you've enjoyed listening to it.

Awe Inspiring

-This was quite an enjoyable listening experience to me as I had just woken up and gone on Newgrounds. While you also gave it some depth by adding a storyline and plot that can easily be picked out whilst listening to it. It definitely has qualities of a nice progressive storyline and it comes to a definite fruition towards the end where it has a dramatic end.

-It's very difficult to be constructive and find something at fault in this song when after several playthroughs I still can't find any faults. It has a great planned out structure to it as I mentioned before and that's one of the first things that I look for when listening to something. The sound quality is also pretty phenomenal and really helps with the listening experience.

-Review Request Club

Xyirx responds:

Thank you so so much for a detailed review. :)

Most impressive!

I am amazed by this masterpiece, it's so powerfull!
Also, 0:52...it reminds me to Zelda Ocarina Of Time.
And the ending at 1:18 totally blew me away.
Splendid job! I gonna favorite this one right now!

wooooooooooo DUDE

EPIC SONG BETTER THAN ANY OTHER SONGS I HEARD OF GREAT JOB 5/5 10/10 this song should be put in a flash war