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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"

I was apprehensive, I admit

But I can say that this was an awesome end to the series. There wasn't near as much fighting as I expected, but what there was was brilliantly animated as usual. The embodiment of the clock spirit in this movie was excellent. Your portrayal of Strawberry Clock in this movie was refreshing. And lastly your use of CorpsegrinderClock for something other than a guy lying there dead pleases me greatly.

Great art, great animation, great storytelling, great movie. Happy Clockday, my friend.

friggen amazing

That was friggen great. Those 3 years paid off remarkably. I mean, this was alot better than the other two. Helluva lot more detailed characters too. U have succeeded in makin this live up to the other two. The voices didn't even bother me as much this time. Greatest part is what Strawberry clock said after he destroyed carrot. I will look forward to future projects.


This is incredible! You bring the story of the Clock Crew to all of us, all of us like me that don't know it. All the newbies who didn't know about StrawberryClock until today should watch this. Thank you for showing me this awesome story!!!


This was very well done. It felt like the end of a real movie, with the peace speech and all. I loved your style of art and animation. Your signature clock is hilarious yet awsome! And I loved how he made a thumbs-up sign at the end. Awsome job with this. 5 For you.


this is a great movie and it made me feel sad and happy i hope you continue to making other great movies like this one.