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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"


best clock wars episode

I never thought I'd watch this movie

Wow, I'm so glad this was finally made! It had been so long I thought you had just sort of adandoned the idea which always kinda bummed me out cuz the first two installments were probably my two favorite flashes.

But here it is! Returned in a big bad way.

The graphic style is completely awesome, and the sound was fantastic, as was the concept. All hail Strawberry Clock!

I guess my only two critiscisms would be that I wish it showed a little more of the story development in between parts 2 and 3 instead of just saying it in text. Also I kinda wish there had been a little more fighting between Carrot Clock and Strawberry Clock, but I totally can't complain because this is a fantastic flash. One of, if not my all time favorite.

And personally, I rather enjoyed the senseless violence in the first two parts. It was sort of an interesting change of pace for a CC movie.

Top CC Movie

This is one of the top CC movies ive seen in the over 4 years i've been on NG and following the ClockCrew.

Its also good to see someone finish there work and finish a series. So many good series never finish or die in the middle. (Like The Void)

Long live strawberry clock

it was awsome, plz make more like that it look great but sound could of been better, but other then that it kick ass

You can not kill Strawberry Clock... bitch.

That waz turly awsome. Did u hand draw that clock cuz the each of the clocks looked amazing. It waz also very inspiring.

The You can not kill Strawberry Clock part waz funny