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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"

This is differnt

Mostly when I see crew flashes they are just bad and dont make any sense but this was a very good flash so mabey Im wrong about that know, very good music, art, plot-Awsome dude.

You're a God to me now :P

That was great! I like how used how SBC now only intevines with the Clock Crew if it is in dire need of wisom, just like now, how SBC only comes on ClockDay. BTW, I look forward to whatever else you sumbit to NG, you rock dude!

-- CupClock

Meh, Carrot clock sucks.

So you're F.U. clock eh? cool. Nice flash its very........cool. and the graphics are geat! You are a truly skilled animator. And I wish you luck for your next flash.


strawberry clock kicks ass!

so moving...i love this...

this is one of the top movies on NG in my eyes. there should be a section on NG with all the best movies and games, and these should be on the top... this would be the best thing to happen to world if you revamped the series, extended it, made it into one movie and put it on a DVD. because this is the most touching series in the world. i know because i'm actually crying writing this....to put this simply: i love this series, you should make a movie out of it(not that i'm telling you to, it's just a suggestion)